UKFPO public beta

Welcome to the new UKFPO website!

You might be wondering why the UKFPO website looks different, or maybe you can't find something...

We have known for some time that our website was outdated and really needed an update. Over the past several months we have worked with our users and key stakeholders to develop this website, the new UKFPO Beta website.

During the beta phase our services are continually tested and improved. The beta label is displayed on this website to show it’s being tested - it may not work for everyone.

Redesigned services should be easier to use than the services they replace, and we spent a lot of time speaking to website users to find out what they needed.

Successful beta services eventually become ‘live’ and replace any older services that perform the same task. During this beta, the old version of the UKFPO website is unavailable, meaning old links will no longer work.

Health Education England is currently working on a project that looks at all training and recruitment websites in England - over 100 in total - in order to improve how you access information. This beta forms part of that project.

Questions or feedback?