The Foundation Programme



UKFPO Academic Compendium

Rough Guide to the Academic Foundation Programme

Academic Foundation Programmes 2017: AUoA details


Clinical Assessment Appeals Process FP 2017

Educational Achievements Appeals Process FP 2017

Special Circumstances Appeals Process 2017

Applicant Guidance

FP/ AFP 2018 - Key Dates

FP/AFP Applicants Handbook 2017

Map of UoA Geographical Areas - amendment Oct 2016

Person Specification FP 2017

Applying to FP/AFP 2017 Presentation


UKFP 2018 Dean's statement and guidance

Dean's Statement FP 2017

Eligibility Criteria FP 2017

Clinical Assessment Overview FP 2017

Eligibility Checklist FP 2017

Eligibility Information FP 2017

Eligibility Application Guidance FP 2017


EMP Framework FP 2017

Inter-foundation school transfer

Inter-foundation school transfer Application Documentation

Inter-foundation school transfer Guidance


Oversubcription - Guide for Applicants 2017

Oversubscription - Administrators Guide 2017


SJT Scanning Quality Controls

Validation of the F1 selection tools report

Excenuating Circumstances Guidance FP 2017

Reasonable Adjustments Guidance FP 2017

Reviewing low scoring SJT FP 2017

SJT Monograph

Online SJT Practice Paper

SJT Practice Paper

SJT Answers & Rationale

SJT Practice Paper large print

SJT Answers & Rationales large print

Illustrastive Machine Markable Answersheet

FP2015 SJT Technical Report

Understanding your SJT score FP2017

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances Applicant Guidance FP 2017

Special Circumstances Guidance for Medical Schools

Application form Criterion 1

Application form Criterion 2

Application form Criterion 3

Application form Criterion 4

Application checklist

Transfer of Information (TOI)

TOI Contact List FP 2017

TOI Guidance for medical students and schools FP 2017

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