Local Careers Advisors

Contact information for careers specialists in your medical school or postgraduate deanery is provided below.

Medical school careers advisors

Deanery careers advisors

careers advisors for medical schools

Medical School Clinician Name Email Careers Email
University of Aberdeen

Dr Ann Cadzow (postgrad)

Dr Pat Smith (undergrad)




Peter Fantom Email
Queen's University Belfast Professor Mary Frances McMulllin


University of Birmingham Dr Kate Thomas Email Jenny Mullins-White Email
Brighton & Sussex Medical School Dr N Gainsborough Email Heather Hudson Email




University of Bristol Dr Tim Lovell Email Susie Sims Email
University of Cambridge Dr Paul Siklos Email    
Cardiff University Helen Sweetland Email Menai Evans Email
Swansea University Dr Bal Bajaj Email Catherine Allemano Email
University of Dundee Dr Carrie Macewen Email Kari Couser Email
University of Edinburgh Dr Jane Montgomery Email Susan Bird Email 
University of Glasgow Position vacant   Stephen Shilton Email
Hull York Position vacant
Julia Goodall (Hull) Email
University of Leeds Position vacant
Helen Steele Email
as above Dr Richard Fuller Email    
University of Leicester Dr Judith West Email Ian Walker Email
University of Liverpool Dr Alistair Thomson Email Chris Waddelove Email
Barts and the London, Queen Marys Mike Roberts Email Mr Vinnie Potter Email
Guys, Kings & St Thomas'

Dr Camilla Kingdon

Email Laura McKenzie Email
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Prof David Mabey Email Calum Leckie Email
Imperial College London Nadine Farah Email Philippa Shallard Email
University College London Dr J Paul Dilworth Email Laura Brammar  
St George's, University of London Dr Jade Chow Email Laura MacKenzie Email
King's College London Dr Camilla Kingdon Email  Laura Mackenzie Email
University of Manchester Dr Pip Fisher Email Alex Langhorn Email
University of Newcastle Dr Richard Price Email Dr Loran Dargan Email
University of East Anglia Dr Andrew Hart Email Claire Hinchcliffe Email
University of Nottingham Dr Daniel Hay Email Rachel Curley Email 
University of Oxford Tim Lancaster Email Claire Chesworth Email
Peninsula Dr Alison Carr Email Sarah Taylor Email
University of St Andrews (Bute) Prof Cathy Jackson Email  Position vacant
University of Sheffield Alasdair Strachen Email Clare Marshall Email
University of Southampton Antonia Calogeras Email Antonia Calogeras Email
University of Warwick Position Vacant   Emily Roisin Reid Email 
Keele University Dr Ruth Summerfield Email Lisa McWilliams Email

careers advisors for LETBs/deaneries

Deanery Clinician Name Email Careers Email
West Midlands Dr Helen Goodyear Email Position vacant  
East of England (East Anglia) Dr Ian Barton Email Position vacant  
East Midlands (LNR Foundation School) David White Email Charlene Binding Email
East Midlands (Trent Foundation School) Nick Spittle Email Charlene Binding Email
East Midlands

Sarah Layzell

(Primary care careers lead)

Mr Tim Terry

(secondary care careers lead)





Charlene Binding  Email
London (North Central Thames) Dr James Dooley Email Dr Caroline Elton Email
London (North East Thames) Dr John Alcolado Email Dr Caroline Elton Email
London (North West Thames) Dr Caroline Smith Email Dr Caroline Elton Email
Mersey Dr Alistair Thomson Email Position vacant
North Western Dr Ella Checkley Email Dr Ella Checkley Email
North Yorkshire & East Coast Position vacant
Helen Steele Email
NES Scotland Dr Jane Montgomery Email 

Gus Campbell 

Northern Michael Wilson Email Michael Wilson Email 
Northern Ireland Dr John Collins Email Dr John Collins Email
Health Education Thames Valley Dr John Derry Email Careers mailbox Email
KSS (Kent Surrey & Sussex) Dr Jan Welch Email Lisa Stone Email
Peninsula Sarah Taylor Email Sarah Taylor Email
Severn Dr Clare Van Hamel Email Heather Samuel


South Yorkshire & South Humber Dr Kash Purohit Email Avril Newsome Email
Wales Dr Melanie Jones Email Sally Blake Email
Wessex Mike Masding Email Christopher Jackson Email
West Yorkshire (West Yorkshire) Position vacant
Helen Steele Email

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