FP Curriculum and Assessment

Foundation Programme Curriculum

The Foundation Programme Curriculum sets out the framework for educational progression that will support the first two years of professional development following graduation from medical school. Under the Curriculum, foundation doctors have to demonstrate that they are competent in a number of areas including communication and consultation skills, patient safety and team work as well as the more traditional elements of medical training.

The Foundation Programme provides generic training that ensures foundation doctors develop and demonstrate a range of essential interpersonal and clinical skills for managing both acute and long-term conditions, regardless of the specialty.

Foundation doctors will be assessed against the outcomes in the Curriculum and should keep all of their assessments (not just the good ones) in their Foundation Programme e-Portfolio.   

The Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016)

The Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016) PDF

Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016) – Key Changes 

FP Curriculum 2016 Resource

This additional resource aims to assist foundation doctors, clinical supervisors, educational supervisors and other key members involved in delivering foundation training, in improving their knowledge and understanding of the generic and clinical topics as set out in the Foundation Programme Curriculum 2016; it is important to note however that this resource does not provide additional information underpinning every element of becoming a successful doctor.

FP Curriculum 2016 Resource



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