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FP/AFP 2017 Application Process

Please find below the guidance and information for applicants to the Foundation Programme and Academic Foundation Programme commencing in August 2016. You may also find it useful to read the FAQs


FP/AFP 2017 Applicant's Handbook

FP/AFP 2017 Application Presentation

FP/AFP 2017 Person Specification


Special Circumstances

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Guidance for Applicants

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Guidance for medical schools

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Form Criterion 1

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Form Criterion 2

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Form Criterion 3

FP 2017 Special Circumstances Form Criterion 4

FP 2017 Application Checklist



The SJT for the FP 2016 application process will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday 4th December 2015, 1400hrs
  • Friday 8th January 2016, 1000hrs

For more information about the SJT (selection assessment for FP 2016) and the eduational performance measure (EPM), please go to the SJT/EPM page.


FP 2016 Process for reviewing low SJT scores


AFP/FP 2017 Appeals

Special Circumstances Appeals Process FP 2017

SC1 Appellant Proforma FP 2017  

Clinical Assessment Appeals Process FP 2017

CA1 Appellant proforma FP 2017

Presentations will no longer qualify for points on the Foundation Programme application

Every year, the educational achievements criteria and process are reviewed by the UKFPO Recruitment Rules Group (this includes representatives from each of the UKFPO’s key stakeholder groups including the BMA MSC, GMC, NHS Employers, medical schools and foundation schools). The review takes into account feedback received from applicants, as well as the clinicians and experts who participate in the National Verification Day. The aim is to continue to improve the process for applicants and changes may be recommended.

Many of you will already be aware that there are hundreds of conferences that take place across the world each year. It is not possible to identify all potentially recognisable medical professional/educational events ahead of the National Verification Day. In addition, it is evident from the 30% of applicants who had claimed points for presentations on their FP 2014 application and had their score adjusted, and from the number of presentation-related enquiries the UKFPO deals with, that it is difficult for applicants to understand how to comply with the criteria. We aim to be as consistent as possible  but with over 9,500 individual items to be verified, it is almost impossible for the verification panels to ensure they make a fair and objective judgement every time, and anomalies do occur.

Therefore, to ensure the method by which points are awarded for educational achievements is fair and there is consistency between verification panels, the UKFPO Recruitment Rules Group has made the decision that points for educational achievements will be given for qualifications and publications only, and presentations will no longer qualify for points on the FP application form. While we understand that some individuals will not welcome this decision, we believe it is in the best interests of the majority of applicants and it will ensure the process remains consistent for all.

Do remember that applicants who are also applying to the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) can still include presentations in the ‘Academic Selection’ section of the online form. Additionally, these achievements can be useful for applications for posts throughout your medical career especially if you are able to convert your presentation to a publication.

The total number of points available for the educational achievements section will remain the same – up to five points for an additional degree, and up to two points for publications. More information on the educational achievements process will be available in the FP/AFP 2016 Applicant’s Handbook published above.

If you have any questions about the above please email

Transfer of Information (TOI) Process

Once you have applied and been successfully allocated to a foundation school, you will be required to comply with the TOI process, which is designed to support you in your transition from medical to foundation school. For more information on the TOI process and what is required of you please click here.  



All new foundation doctors are expected to undertake a period of shadowing before they start foundation training, which should normally include ward-based shadowing of the F1 job that they will be taking up.

The earliest date that foundation doctors commencing the programme in August 2016 will be expected to start the shadowing period will be Monday 25th July 2016. Digg Reddit Facebook Stumble Upon Follow UKFPO on Twitter