UK Foundation Programme
FOI/DPA Publication Scheme

Publication Scheme

This document describes the classes of information which will be published by the UKFPO, and the content of these classes.

Class 1: Who we are and what we do
Class 2: Financial information
Class 3: Policies
Class 4: Lists/Registers

Class 1: Who we are and what we do

The UK Foundation Programme Office
Aim of the Foundation Programme:
The Foundation Programme is a two-year structured, supervised programme of workplace-based learning for medical school graduates which exists to prepare junior doctors for specialty training by providing them with the medical knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the GMC’s The New Doctor and the Foundation Programme Curriculum. The programme is designed to provide foundation doctors with the ability to reflect on their aspirations and attributes and match these with service need.
Aim of the UK Foundation Programme Office:
The UKFPO exists to facilitate the operation and continuing development of the Foundation Programme across the UK, including:

• Developing national strategies, standards and guidance
• Acting as a central hub of information regarding official policy, advice and guidance about the Foundation Programme
• Developing guidance which underpin the standards set by the regulators
• Coordinating stakeholder input to improve processes and promote alignment of groups
• Facilitating the sharing of notable practice at a local and national level
• Enabling UK-wide consistency without stifling local innovation
• Developing the national recruitment process on both strategic and operational levels, in partnership with the Health Education England and the other three UK health departments
• Managing allocation of applicants to foundation schools
• Facilitating the provision of clear, consistent and robust careers advice at undergraduate and postgraduate level
• Collecting and collating national data relating to all aspects of foundation training
• Responding to changing policy of the 4 UK health departments
• Continuously improving the content and delivery of foundation programmes
• Working with stakeholders to promote seamless training for junior doctors from medical schools through foundation to specialty training.
• Providing foundation doctors with greater exposure to shortage specialties.

The UKFPO is a small team comprising:
• 3 part-time special advisors who are consultants and other healthcare professionals, and who support the work of the UKFPO in a variety of roles, including the role of National Director.
• 6 FTE office-based staff who are communications and project delivery professionals, with one role dedicated to office management and administration.

Click here to see a copy of the current UKFPO organisation chart.

The UKFPO office is based in Birmingham, England.

Committees/Working Groups
Click here to view the committees and working groups organised and attended by the UKFPO. 

Click here to see details of the terms of reference and membership for each committee/working group managed by the UKFPO.

Organisations with whom we work
The UKFPO works closely with many stakeholders. Click here to see a list of the main organisations we work with and a list of the stakeholder events we hold regularly each year.

Contact Details
To contact the UKFPO, click here.

Class 2 : Financial information

Funding arrangements
The UKFPO is funded jointly by Health Education England and the four UK health departments, according to the agreed Barnet formula .

Year Budget
2008/2009 £1,165,000
2009/2010 £1,165 (plus £171,000 for the Curriculum & Operational Framework Review
2010/2011 £1,046,000
2011/2012 £913,000
2012/2013 £822,207
2013/2014 £814,361  

Procurement arrangements

As part of Health Education England (HEE), the UKFPO must comply with HEE’s procurement policies and procedures.  Please visit the HEE website for more information about HEE.

Allowances and Expenses
Members of the UKFPO staff are host-employed by NHS organisations and/or HEE.  Allowances and expenses are dependent on the employing organisation.

The office-based personnel are subject to the travel and subsistence policies of HEE.

Grading and Pay Structures
The UKFPO’s Special Advisors are employees of different health organisations. Their grading and pay structure is determined by their employing organisation.

The office-based team is host-employed by HEE. Job grades and pay structures are determined by the NHS Agenda for Change programme. Click here for more details about NHS Agenda for Change.

Class 3 : Policies

The UKFPO has developed local policies related to the Freedom Of Information Act and Data Protection Act.  These policies can be viewed on this website. Click here to see the relevant web pages.

Local office procedures for maintaining information on the website and storing master documents are also available. Click here to view.

In addition to local policies, the UKFPO conforms to the following Department of Health England procedures which are relevant to our work:

• Data Handling Procedures in Government: Final Report, dated June 2008
• Information Security Management : NHS Code of Practice, dated April 2007
Please see the four UK health departments’ websites for more information on their information handling policies and procedures.

Class 4 : Lists/Registers

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