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Tier 4 Visas

Please read the Tier 4 FAQs which should answer any queries you have. If your questions has still not been answered please email


Non-UK/non-EEA nationals who graduate from a UK medical school wishing to undertake a recognised, two-year full-time Foundation Programme (including academic programmes) are eligible to apply for UKFPO Tier 4 sponsorship. Each doctor applying for UKFPO Tier 4 sponsorship will need to register for an online, personal Tier 4 account. For full details, please see The Tier 4 process.

Frequently asked questions

The UKFPO has developed FAQs which should answer all of your queries.


Tier 4 (updated 2014)

Tier 4 Information for foundation doctors

Tier 4 Process 

Tier 4 Key Dates for foundation doctors

Tier 4 guidance for foundation doctors



FP 2014 Tier 4 Key Documents for foundation schools

Tier 4 Key Dates for foundation schools

Tier Guidance for foundation schools and employers

Tier 4 Activity Report Form 



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