UK Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme & Academic Foundation Programme

This section includes information about the two-year work-based training programme which bridges the gap between medical school and specialty/GP training.

UKFP FP/AFP Application process key dates 2019

Key dates UKFP /AFP 2019 

UKFP 2018 Summary of process and timeline

So that you can see where your actions fit in with the overall Foundation recruitment process, please see the timeline below:


26 June - 09 August 2017

Ensure you are eligible to apply (See Eligibility information for full guidance).

If your medical school is outside the UK, or if you qualified from a UK medical school prior to 01 August 2016, you must register on the Eligibility system and submit documentation by post to the Eligibility Office by 12 noon (BST) on 09 August 2017.

21 August 2017

View available Academic foundation programmes. AFPs in each AUoA are available to view on Oriel.

11 September 2017

All programmes available to view on Oriel.

25 September 2017

Registration period.

02 -13 October 2017

Application period for FP and AFP applications.

13 October 2017

Deadline for submitting special circumstances applications to the home medical school (Eligibility applicants to submit special circumstances forms to the Eligibility Office).

From 16 October 2017

AFP local short-listing and interviews.

01 December 2017

First SJT date

08 January 2018

Second SJT date

17 January 2018

AFP national offers

24 January - 14 February 2018

AFP cascade offers

08 March 2018

FP primary list allocation. Your SJT and overall application score will be on your Oriel account. If you are allocated to a foundation school as part of the initial allocation process, i.e. to the primary list, you will also be able to see which UoA you have been allocated to. Allocated UoA will provide details via email on how to rank their programmes together with the timeline.

09 March - 09 April 2018

Online references collected

05 April 2018

Primary list applicants informed of match to programme results. You will need to log into your Oriel account to see which foundation programme you have been matched to by your allocated UoA.

April – July 2018

Pre-employment checks undertaken.

From April 2018

FP reserve list batch allocations. The highest scoring applicants on the FP reserve list will be allocated to any vacancies that have arisen since the last allocation.

June 2018

You must have provisional GMC registration with a licence to practise before your employer will issue a contract of employment. Registering with the GMC is a different process from applying to the Foundation Programme. You must apply to the GMC directly. The GMC recommends you apply in May 2018 to ensure you are registered before the start of your FP shadowing period.

From July 2018

Contracts of employment issued. Your employer will also confirm your salary, pay banding, location and starting rota.

July/August 2018

Foundation Programme starts. Newly appointed F1 doctors are required to attend a period of shadowing the F1 doctor they are taking over from before the start of the Foundation Programme. Your foundation school or employer will contact you with the details of local arrangements and your required start date which is likely to be late July 2018. Digg Reddit Facebook Stumble Upon Follow UKFPO on Twitter