Foundation Doctor Advisory Board

Foundation Doctor Advisory Board

The purpose of the Foundation Doctor Advisory Board is to facilitate two way communication between foundation doctors and the UKFPO. This group provides information about how the Foundation Programme is being implemented locally and makes recommendations to the UKFPO for improvement. The group acts in an advisory capacity with no formal reporting structure into the UK Foundation Programme Office.

The group is made up of a F1 and a F2 doctor from each UK foundation school, with the UKFPO providing secretarial support. Meetings are held annually in October/November.

FDAB Feedback Channels


Key Objectives

  • For the UKFPO to share information about developments in the Foundation Programme with foundation doctors
  • For foundation doctors to share information with the UKFPO about what is working well and their recommendations for change
  • To improve communications about the Foundation Programme with foundation doctors.


FDAB Meetings

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 19th October 2016.

Previous Meetings

Wednesday 30 March 2016 - Presentations

FP Curriculum 2016 demonstration by David Kessel

GMC - Identifying the work activities performed by doctors in the FOundation Programme by Gillian Vance

Leading Change Management by Professor Helen Bevan

Foundation Programme HORUS by Kata Varnai


Wednesday 30th September 2015

FDAB Meeting 2015 Minutes

Tuesday 24 September 2014

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