Getting the most out of your e-portfolio

All foundation doctors now have access to an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio). There are two e-portfolio providers used to deliver the Foundation Programme e-portfolio across the UK: NES and Horus. Currently, all foundation schools in the UK except North Western use NES. You will find the contact details below for any enquiries you may have regarding your e-portfolio:

NES: support@nhseportfolios.org

Horus: nwd.portfolio.helpdesk@nw.hee.nhs.uk

Your foundation school will provide you with the information you need on how to access your portfolio such as website address, log-in details and password. The exact format of each e-portfolio may vary but they generally include the following sections:

  • Personal and Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  • Meetings with your educational and clinical supervisors
  • Assessments
  • Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)
  • Reflective reports and other evidence
  • ARCP

E-Portfolio Content and Forms

All e-portfolio content and forms are available as sample documents.


NES & Horus e-portfolio key changes for August 2015

An overview and explanation of how the Foundation Programme e-portfolio models are being updated for all existing users and new F1s commencing August 2015 can be found here:

Key Changes e-Portfolio 2015



An overview of the key changes to core content, functionality and security of all Foundation Programme e-portfolios with effect from August 2016 can be found here:

Key Changes e-Portfolio 2016

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