FP Curriculum 2016

The FP curriculum 2016 has now come into effect from August 2016.

FP Curriculum 2016

The General Medical Council have approved the new curriculum for the foundation programme which will be introduced for foundation doctors from August 2016

The Foundation Programme Curriculum 2016

The Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016) PDF

For information on the key changes please click here

Information provided on this page offers an overview of the curriculum assessment and supervised learning event tools and also the structure of foundation training as per the Reference Guide 2016. All tools used to evidence assessment, curriculum coverage and other achievements must all be recorded in an e-portfolio. Many copies of the forms available within the e-portfolio are therefore provided.

FP Curriculum 2012 (with minor amends August 2015)

Please note that the FP Curriculum 2012 (with minor amends August 2015) will be utilised by foundation doctors until July 2016.

FP Curriculum 2012 (with minor amends August 2015)

FP Curriculum 2012 updated for 2014

The FP Curriculum 2012 has been updated for implementation from August 2014.

FP Curriculum 2012

For an overview of these changes please download the document below.

Proposed minor modifications to the FP Curriculum 2012 (for implementation August 2014). 

Key changes to the FP Curriculum 2012


Supporting Documents

FP Curriculum 2016 Resource

This additional resource aims to assist foundation doctors, clinical supervisors, educational supervisors and other key members involved in delivering foundation training, in improving their knowledge and understanding of the generic and clinical topics as set out in the Foundation Programme Curriculum 2016; it is important to note however that this resource does not provide additional information underpinning every element of becoming a successful doctor.

FP Curriculum 2016 Resource


Training descriptor and Curriculum matrix

This document builds on last year's training descriptions and has been designed to provide an indication as to what extent the Foundation Programme Curriculum 2012 syllabus areas may be met during a specific placement.

Individual training descriptor and Curriculum matrix 2012


As per the Reference Guide 2012, foundation training and progress should be monitored by participation in the following meetings.

Overview of meetings

Induction meeting with clinical supervisor

Initial meeting with educational supervisor

Combined: induction meeting with clinical supervisor and initial meeting with educational supervisor

Mid-placement review

Mid-year review of progress


SLES and Assessments

To access a form, please click on the relevant heading.

Recommended Number of SLEs

Supervised learning event Recommended minimum number*

Direct observation of doctor/patient interaction:



3 or more per placement* 

(minimum of nine observations;

at least six must be mini-CEX)

Case-based discussion (CBD)

2 or more per placement*

Developing the clinical teacher

1or more per year

*based on a clinical placement of four month duration

Frequency of assessments

Assessments Frequency
E-portfolio Comtemporaneous
Core procedures Throughout F1

Team assessment of behaviour (TAB)

Once in first placement in both F1 and F2, optional repetition
Clinical supervisor end of placement report Once per placement
Educational supervisor end of placement report Once per placement
Educational supervisor's end of year report Once per year

Guidance on SLEs

CBD - Guidance for doctors and trainers

Core procedures - Guidance for doctors and assessors

Developing the clinical teacher - Guidance for doctors and trainers

DOPS - Guidance

Mini-CEX - Guidance for doctors and trainers

TAB - Guidance for assessors

TAB - Guidance for doctors

TAB - Guidance for educational supervisors

Please refer to the Resource Bank page for End of Placement reports


Foundation Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Click here for the Foundation ARCP page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment FAQs


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