What is the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)?

The ARCP is a review of evidence of achievement over the course of a year of training. The ARCP Panel will review and validate the educational supervisor's recommended outcome against the foundation doctor's portfolio of evidence. Although the ARCP is not in itself an assessment, it is a summative judgement of a foundation doctor's performance and development throughout the year. The ARCP Panel will make recommendations to the postgraduate dean, meaning the ARCP process decides whether an individual doctor can progress to the next stage of training. Progression is dependent on evidence that the foundation doctor has met or exceeded the minimum expected level of performance in each of the 20 foundation professional capabilities (foundation programme training outcomes).


ARCP Documents within e-portfolio

ARCP Forms for Training

Summary of Evidence for Satisfactory Completion of F1

Summary of Evidence for Satisfactory Completion of F2

F1 ARCP Outcome Form

F2 ARCP Outcome Form